This word has been my mantra the last several weeks.  I’ve written a couple posts here about my frustration with a new line of brooches.  I’ve done many experiments and had many failures.  In fact a whole table full.  I’m not exagerrating by much.  I must have had 50 pieces of assorted parts– wire, fabric, polymer clay, beads, just laying there for the last month.  Some friends said I should drop it and just move on.  For some reason I just couldn’t do that.

A few days ago I looked at the table and said to myself, that I would sit there, assembling assorted brooches until all the parts were used up and the table was cleared.  I took the pressure off by saying (and believing) that they did not have to be good– in fact would not be good- and my only goal was to clear the table via assembling parts together.

The upshot was, that not only was it enjoyable, but I actually got a few new brooches that have possibilities!  And they have an air of unpredictability about them that I like.  The brooches are still not quite at the level I am envisioning but DEFINITELY further along on theire journey.

No pics yet- I promise next week- but here’s a pic of my creativity angel- a sculpture from Italy.

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