Art Anxiety

I’m not quite done or ready to show the final piece in my Task from last week (tho I have been working hard on it!) so thought I would share with you what else I have been doing this week.

I signed up for what I thought was a monoprint class at our local junior college.  Turns out the class is mainly about using watercolors and other water media in an experimental way.  I am one of only two non-painters in the class and so it was shock to my system when I realized what the class was really going to be about!  However I decided because I was so fearful of this class that it is probably the exact thing I need to do.  So I am forging ahead.

Our first assignment- to choose a theme for the whole semester – this theme will be the inspiration for all the work we create. Mine is Vessels.

And for the first week we had to create two paintings 11×15″ on watercolor paper tacking the problem of Abstracting a Form. I made three pieces – one exploring Elongation and Exaggeration. Another, Flattening and Patterning and the last one is Fractionalizing.  It was a challenge (especially the critique) but very interesting. Here’s Fractionalizing:

(I’ll show the other two at some point- having trouble loading the pics.)

Assignment number 2 is due in two weeks- another crisis looms before me- but a good one I think!

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