New word?

I met with two friends a couple days ago.  We started discussing sophisticated design.  First of all I am now looking for a new word, as I don’t like the official definition!  I encourage you to look it up-  the word does not capture what I am trying to define. Perhaps ” natural elegance” is it?  Hmmmnnnn…. obviously I still have alot of thinking to do on this.

But the best part of our get-together – we gave each other “tasks” to do before our next rendezvous.  And I am excited to work on mine.

Task number one is to play with scale.  I have some 8×10″ work that I LOVE to make but do not know how to market yet.  Janet encouraged me to play with scale and do one either very large or very small. I think this might help me think outside the box on who the audience is for these pieces.

Task number two- Emily asked me  to make “something” (using three different mediums)- one that I would define as “crude”, one in the middle and one that I would define as “elegant’.  I’ll let you know next week how it goes!

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