Sophisticated design

I’m stuck right now in trying to solve a problem with a new brooch idea.  The design feels very unsophisticated (I’m not even sure this is the word I want to use)and doesn’t feel solved or “right”. 

In conferring with friends and fellow artists, they asked me to define what a sophisticated design means to me.  This has been hard for me to do.  I know it when I see it but what are the qualitles that I see in a piece that make me think-“ah -a sophisticated design”.  Here’s my intial thoughts:

  • It is refined- even if there are rough unfinished parts
  • There is something unpredictable about the design- unusual technique, materials, use of materials
  • Thoughtfulness- any part of the design has been thought out and decided on-no lazy decisions
  • Pieces are edited- the piece is not necessarily spare or minimalist but again thoughtful design decisions have been made 

Next post I’ll share a few more thoughts and ways to “get there”! I’d like to hear your ideas too.

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