Studio Routine

Getting into the studio is the single most important step for me and sometimes (not always, but more than I would like) it is the hardest for me.  As I approach the new year I would really really really like to establish a habit of a good studio routine. 

Let’s first talk about getting into the studio.  Sometimes I need to psych myself out. 

One of the ways that works for me is to leave something simple unfinished from the day before. Something that is easy to do and doesn’t require any great creative thought BUT most importantly gets my hands working. For instance- putting earring findings on jewelry or pinning pins onto display cards.

Another idea is to choose a simple object– a bowl, teacup, small knicknack- and draw this object upon first getting into the studio.  Just a 10 minute simple line drawing.  Put the object in a different setting each time you draw it- on the shelf, on the windowsill, next to your light. This again gets your hands working and your creative juices going.

Lets meet back here in a few days to chat about our 2009 reflection list!

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