Thank You!

A big Thank you to all who attended the Creative Sparks Master Class with Alison Lee and myself last night.  The time just flew by and I had a most wonderful time with all of you!chaoscardsforweb.jpg

For those that couldn’t make it, there will be information at on how to get a copy of the class. I think you will enjoy the “sparkers” and they can become a part of your creative/studio life. Here’s pic of my Chaos Cards– one of the ways to help your mistakes become fuel for your projects.

I “sparked” my own self finally a week ago or so and cracked open my new big white blank scary journal– and it is a LARGE one- 10″ x 12″- and christened it with pages of thoughts and sketches of new work I will start next month. I seem to have a fear of working large so decided to begin with a large journal, instead of my usual purse-sized journal. I’ll share some pics next post.

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