CraftCast Master Class

I’m excited to be part of the CraftCast Master Workshop series created and hosted by Alison Lee.  musemasquerade-2forweb1.jpg

On October 20th I’ll be giving a class on Creative Sparks and I can guarantee we’ll have alot of fun along with good converstaion and ideas and techniques that you can use in your art life.

Please join us! Here’s the link to read more:

I’ll have alot of ideas to share with you on some “tricks” to getting yourself in that studio when you either don’t feel like it OR you have the desire but not the focus (my problem at the moment). Alison has a geat post on her site with other topics we’ll be focusing on.

For me- this week is about cracking open and facing the scary white page of a LARGE new sketchbook I bought to document a new creative journey I am about to embark on. This new work is the result of alot of thinking, thinking, thinking I did this summer about what I want to be making.  I hope to share the journey with you over the coming year!

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