Power of Words

As part of my Creative Sparks seminar I talked about how words inspire my work.  Usually in two ways. 

  • The word itself brings to my minds eye a visual image that I would like to interpret as a piece of jewelry, artist book  or something else
  • The words themselves will serve as a narrative (in an artist book or collage for instance), 

And of course letterforms/calligraphy can be beautiful works of art. 

I want to encourage and challenge you to start and incorporate text into your work!  It can add power to the message you want to send with your art work. 

Here’s an easy way to get started:  Visual-Dialog-2forweb.jpg

Let your finger drop onto a dictionary page in one, two or three places,

Let those words roll around in your creative mind a little bit (not too long, don’t over-analyze and get paralyzed!),

then create something using the word or words as inspiration.

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